Comprehensive Offers Multi-Specialty, Patient-Centered Care

Treatment Tailored To You

Comprehensive Cancer Centers is proud to offer the community of Southern Nevada access to a multi-specialty practice consisting of medical oncology, hematology, radiation oncology, breast surgery, pulmonary medicine, cancer genetic counseling, clinical research and other services.

The practice has been in the community for more than 40 years and has been dedicated to enhancing the patient experience by recruiting the best providers, investing in technology and offering the latest treatments and services, so there is no reason to leave the state for treatment. Our goal is to always keep the patient’s care our number one priority.

Five of Comprehensive’s 15 treatment facilities and offices are fully integrated cancer centers with medical oncology and radiation oncology services. Four of the practice’s facilities offer services for cancer and non-cancer related diseases of the breast, and two of Comprehensive facilities make up an entire pulmonary division, dedicated to diagnosing, treating and educating adult patients with lung diseases and sleep disorders. Treatment centers and offices are located in Las Vegas, Henderson and Summerlin with an outreach center in Boulder City.

Research at Comprehensive Cancer Centers

In keeping with the multi-specialty approach, Comprehensive Cancer Centers prides itself on the extensive research program it has developed over the years. As a leader in cancer research, the practice offers more than 170 Phase I, II and III clinical trials annually and has been sought out by world-renowned research institutions and pharmaceutical companies to open and offer groundbreaking trials to our patients.  As a result, Comprehensive has led several efforts and helped develop more than 70 FDA-approved cancer therapies of which include OPDIVO®, KEYTRUDA®, TECENTRIQ®, PROVENGE®, Xofigo®, Hercepin® and others.

One such promising new therapy for those with advanced stage prostate cancer is a radionuclide treatment known as 177Lu-PSMA-617 a therapy that Comprehensive Cancer Center patient William Cooley became the very first in Nevada to receive the drug this past December, and whose story was featured by NBC 3 here in Las Vegas Cooley is being treated by Comprehensive’s Nicholas J. Vogelzang, MD, FASCO, FACP Prior to being offered the new drug, Cooley had undergone chemotherapy, radiation and testosterone deprivation therapy, among other measures, but nothing was having a lasting impact. After being screened by Comprehensive’s research team, Cooley was found to be a genetic fit for the treatment. Many patients like William who live right here in Las Vegas, enjoy the benefit of the most advanced clinical research studies, all without having to interrupt the rest of their busy lives to travel for treatment.

Cancer Genetic Counseling at Comprehensive Cancer Centers

Additionally, Comprehensive offers cancer genetic counseling, a service which was greatly needed in the community. Approximately five to ten percent of all cancers are hereditary, making genetic risk assessments and counseling vital in early detection efforts as well as customizing treatment plans. Initial counseling sessions typically take less than an hour. The services are led by nurse practitioner, Barbara Caldwell, MSN, APRN, who is one of only nine healthcare professionals in Nevada to receive training from an intensive cancer genetic risk assessment program at City of Hope.

Comprehensive Cancer Centers Can Help

Comprehensive Cancer Centers provide a variety of treatment options for patients who’ve been diagnosed with cancer, serious blood disorders, breast health conditions and pulmonary disease.  For certain cancer patients, clinical research studies currently being conducted at Comprehensive Cancer Centers that may offer treatment options not available elsewhere, please click here to learn more. To schedule an appointment with the team at Comprehensive, please call 702-952-3350.

The content is this post is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of qualified health providers with questions you may have regarding medical conditions.