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TV Show Unites Cancer Survivors Worldwide

TV Show Unites Cancer Survivors Worldwide

For those of us affected by cancer, a strong support network can make all the difference in the world. Being diagnosed with cancer can be frightening, but sometimes it helps to share your story with others to be reassured that you are not alone. One TV station in Chicago has made it their mission to take the idea of a support network, and expand it on a global scale.

The Chicago Blood Cancer Foundation (CBCF) airs its show, Battling and Beating Cancer, every Thursday evening at 7:30 PM (Central). The show also streams live on CAN TV for viewers worldwide. Battling and Beating Cancer first premiered in January with an episode focusing on breast cancer myths, treatment, and resources. The show is hosted by CBCF founders Scott Seaman and Charlene McMann-Seaman and various medical guests.

TV Show Unites Cancer Survivors Worldwide

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What sets this show apart from other talk shows is that it broadcasts live and takes calls from viewers anywhere in the world. That’s right; the medical professionals who lend their time to the show will chat and give advice on live TV to anyone expressing interest. Each episode features a different doctor or medical professional who offers important information and advice. Battling and Beating Cancer focuses on everything from emotional support to financial planning and research, to the psychological impact of cancer.

Co-host, Charlene McMann-Seaman, experienced her first encounter with cancer when her husband, Scott, was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. With Charlene’s support, Scott beat the disease and since then, the two have developed a passion for raising awareness and ending the “fear” of cancer across the globe. Together, they have raised millions of dollars to support cancer research, and have their sights on bringing advice, support, and resources to cancer survivors everywhere through their new show.

The show airs on channel 21 in Chicago, but those outside of the area can stream the show live or view past episodes on their YouTube channel.

Thanks to technology, we are reaching new possibilities in both cancer research and emotional support. For more information about oncology research, or cancer resources in Nevada, contact Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada at (702) 952-3350.