About Comprehensive Cancer

About Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada

About Comprehensive Cancer

Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada (CCCN)

Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada is the award-winning multidisciplinary oncology group comprising medical oncology, hematology, radiation oncology, breast surgery and pulmonary medicine, with 15 treatment centers and offices throughout Southern Nevada. The practice’s specialized physician and nursing staff offers sophisticated diagnostic tools, the latest advances in cancer treatment, a full range of innovative, exclusive services and research-based care in a supportive and caring environment.

Comprehensive has provided oncology services to Southern Nevada residents and visitors for more than 35 years. Comprehensive’s group practice formed in 2000 when Southwest Cancer Clinic and Nevada Radiation Oncology Centers united to maximize the delivery of cancer fighting treatments and therapies. In 2002, these two groups, which had been helping patients with cancer since 1974, united under one name — Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada.

In order to provide patients the most progressive and effective cancer treatments, Comprehensive expanded its clinical research program by partnering with some of the world’s most recognizable research and cancer-fighting organizations. In 1995, Comprehensive physicians became part of The US Oncology Network, one of the nation’s largest networks of community-based oncology physicians dedicated to advancing cancer care in America.

Today, Comprehensive participates in more than 170 Phase I, Phase II and Phase III clinical research studies each year, and has helped develop more than 70 FDA approved cancer therapies including the recent approvals for Provenge, Xofigo and Hercepin. Comprehensive’s affiliations with these prominent oncology-specialized organizations keep the practice at the forefront of treatment and diagnostic advancements.