2008 News Archive

December 14, 2008
Las Vegas Review-Journal
“Pregnant Pause: Treating breast cancer doesn’t mean choosing one life over another”
Antonio and Julie Coca spent months working with fertility specialists and handling the roller coaster ride of uncertainty before they got word they would be parents.
Dr. Mary Ann Allison interviewed

October 28, 2008
Green Valley/Henderson View
“Cancer center opens new Henderson office on Wigwam Parkway”
Dr. Mary Ann Allison and Dr. Anthony Nguyen interviewed

October 6, 2008
KVVU Channel 5 News (Fox)
“Rare Breast Cancer Strikes Younger Women”
Dr. Paul Michael interviewed

October 2008
Abridged version of this article appeared in MD News, Southern Nevada Edition, Vol. 7, No. 4
“Treating the Patient, Not the Disease”
Authored by Dr. Rupesh J. Parikh

August 8, 2008
KLAS Channel 8 News (CBS)
“New Study Stirs Controversy Over Breast Self Exams”
Dr. Heather Allen interviewed

August 6, 2008
Prime View “Dr. Noel Rowan: One step at a time”
Dr. Noel Rowan interviewed

July 10, 2008
South Valley News
“Doctors emphasize bill’s cancer provisions”
Dr. Matthew Schwartz interviewed

June 23, 2008
Las Vegas Review-Journal
“NEVADAN AT WORK: Doctor helps cancer patients with closeness, compassion”
For Dr. Mary Ann Allison, one successful career wasn’t enough. By her late 20s, Allison had spent more than half a decade as a medical technologist, studying and analyzing blood samples inside a Texas laboratory. But she yearned to reach beyond the lab experience and work with patients.
Dr. Mary Ann Allison interviewed